Friday, May 02, 2008

Thunder and lightning

Woke up this morning to one WICKED thunderstorm! My whole house was shaking and it sounded like each strike was hitting in my yard. I jogged downstairs, turned off all the computer equipment (yup, I leave it on overnight) and thanked my stars that nothing got zotted.

Looks like it was much worse in other areas though - tornadoes ripping through four states last night brought death and devastation to a lot of the Midwest. So I'll thank my stars and enjoy the now lush green grass outside. Not to mention all the flower buds which opened up after they got pelted by the rain - the trees look amazing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

People I'm glad I don't live next to...

Tops on the list would be this guy, who has been setting off fireworks in his house because "he didn't like the neighbors". Turns out he also had narcotics and firearms - yeah, not TOO unstable.

Read the original article trying to figure out the source of the mysterious lights and explosions here, then check out the follow up story about the guy they arrested.

I am so glad my neighbors are sensible!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot Water Heater blew up

Yup, it went kablooey all over my basement. OK, not "mythbusters" level kablooey, but still. It was disgusting too - it corroded and rust, etc was everywhere. So I spent this morning mopping, cussing and waiting for the great repair guys to come fix things. And for the record they had it all straightened out, lickety split, which was a real relief!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it just me?

Well I think it's official - I've missed two weeks of American Idol and I just have no interest in trying to catch up. And it isn't just me - my Mom, as big an Idol fanatic as I've ever seen,has also stopped watching.

What's happening here? Well, for one thing the talent they've picked up this year is even more vanilla than in previous ones. I don't know if the judges have just somehow not been able to get their fingers on the pulse of what makes us tick - or if there really is no talent left out there. I find I'm more interested in watching other shows - I enjoyed Knight Rider on Sunday (yeah I know, but it was a guilty pleasure!) and I'm still hopelessly addicted to Ghost Hunters. UFO Hunters, not so much - it was kind of a wash. I love Torchwood and watch it religiously. And once April comes and I can have my BSG fix well, that's gonna be my #1.

Are you watching American Idol? What do you think of this season?